Decision Day - 24k All Nighter Scholarship Decision Day - 24k All Nighter Scholarship

Meet Our Winners! Congratulations to all who participated!

  1. 11 am : Shell R., Amherst College $1000

    “ to consider enrolling at Amherst College means you're no stranger to the pursuit of excellence ”

  2. 10 am : Sita H., University of New Mexico $1000

    “ UNM was not my first choice. But after my time spent here, I feel that it should have been.”

  3. 9 am : Kelly N., Moorehead State University $1000

    “ The professors are amazing and very personable, they will assist you in any way possible”

  4. 8 am : Perisha W., Spelman College $1000

    “ The teachers treat the students like family, and each department provides a small town feel.”

  5. 7 am : Valen D., University of Connecticut $1000

    “ If you are a Connecticut resident, UConn should be at the top of your list! ”

  6. 6 am : Elizabeth A , Meredith College $1000

    “ The environment enables us to remain focused and to excel ”

  7. 5 am : Adam F., Mercyhurst College $1000

    “ students tend to experience profound personal growth ”

  8. 4 am : Lucas D, Bates College $1000

    “ hundreds of student groups from the outdoor club to the investment club”

  9. 3 am : Danielle M., University of Pennsylvania $1000

    “ Everyone is extremely social on campus, and extremely driven.”

  10. 2 am : Tiffany A., Emerson College $1000

    “ empowered to stretch myself & take classes that weren’t directly tied to my major.”

  11. 1 am : Kirby M., University of Houston $1000

    “ Being a Houston Cougar is literally like being a part of a family!”

  12. 12 am : Emily R., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign $1000

    “You can learn about anything you want”

  13. 11 pm : Gittel A., University of California-Los Angeles $1000

    “ it is not uncommon to be taught by a Nobel Prize winner”

  14. 10 pm : John M., University of Minnesota-Twin Cities $1000

    “ The size of the campus provides so many more opportunities for students”

  15. 9 pm : Josh S., Eastern Kentucky University $1000

    “ ranked the #1 school in the nation for Veterans”

  16. 8 pm : Janalyn S., Antelope Valley College $1000

    “ teachers not only excellent at what they do, but are genuinely great people.”

  17. 7 pm : Kathleen S., Bentley University $1000

    “ it feels good to be gainfully employed halfway through senior year.”

  18. 6 pm : Joshua B., University of Ozarks $1000

    “staff were there to support me and keep me going to finish my degree. ”

  19. 5 pm : Kristen S., University of California Santa Barbara $1000

    “ highly respected and advanced research university”

  20. 4 pm : Ashley C., Florida Gulf Coast University $1000

    “ You are not seen as just a number at FGCU, all of my teachers know my name”

  21. 3 pm : Mikala B., University of Wisconsin-Green Bay $1000

    “Because of this seclusion there isn't much of a night life, aside from partying.”

  22. 2 pm : Michael F., Iowa Lakes Community College $1000

    “ The tutoring and special accommodations have served me very well”

  23. 1 pm : Bendu C., Texas Tech University $1000

    “ you will always have your fellow red raiders back and vice versa.”

  24. 12 pm : Christina E., University of Vermont $1000

    “ a huge amount of diversity and you can find all types of people at the school.”

$24,000 in 24 Hours for College Reviews

On April 1st we launched a $24,000 college review scholarship contest to celebrate College Decision Month. Our goal was to help college students and alumni pay for their education. Why? Because college is expensive ! Who couldn't use some extra cash? We also wanted to help college-bound students decide where to go with school reviews from real students.

The StudentAdvisor team stayed up all night on April 26th reading your reviews to award the most helpful reviewers with $1,000 scholarships each hour for 24 hours! Check out the StudentAdvisor Ustream page to see the videos from our live winner announcements.

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