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13 Best College Harlem Shake Videos

by Taylor Cotter |

The Harlem Shake is the latest viral video craze and, of course, colleges across the country are taking part. These are some of our favorite Harlem Shake videos - subscribe to our YouTube channel to see when we find more!


Colorado College has about 2,000 undergrads, so it's amazing how many students they got to partake in this video - and that they all wore great costumes! Great work!

West Virginia University used their stellar college basketball team as inspiration for their video. Showing off their awesome athletics fanbase, these Mountaineers really showed their school pride in their Harlem Shake!

University of Maryland incorporated more than just the Harlem Shake. They planned a full-scale flashmob - one of the largest college flashmobs we've ever seen! We're super impressed by your organization and choreography - way to pull this off with so many students!

University of Texas - Austin calls this the biggest Harlem Shake, and it sure seems like it! We also love their "Inside the Harlem Shake" video, from the perspective of a student!

We adored seeing Niagara University purple supporting their basketball student section. 

Connecticut College did their Harlem Shake a little differently - the Camel Shake! Awesome job by Connecticut College Admissions creating this!

We loved seeing the whole University of Southern Mississippi community get involved with their video - including adding their own creative spin!

We're not sure why University of Oregon's video is dedicated to Kevin Bacon, but we like it! Oregon students had some of the best and craziest costumes for their Harlem Shake - awesome job!

Awesome production value for the University of New Hampshire Harlem Shake video! Big fans of your awesome costumes, dance moves, and UNH pride!

Messiah College is definitely one of the weirder Harlem Shake videos on our list - but that's what makes it so great! We definitely appreciate their crazy moves.

Caldwell College has a pretty weird video too, but just as great. We love everyone's dancing and crazy costumes, especially jumping jack Flash!

Penn College baseball team has an awesome Harlem Shake - we love how confident and excited they are!


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