College Halloween | DIY Costumes | Updated October 2013

7 Cheap DIY Halloween Costumes for College Students

By Taylor Cotter | For

Halloween is coming up, and we all know that college students can be strapped for cash. Before dropping $50+ on a fancy Halloween costume, try poking around your dorm room for some of these ingredients for an awesome – and cheap – homemade Halloween costume. Looking for more? Check out our best cheap Halloween costumes from 2011 here


Grapes Halloween Costume
Just grab some purple or green balloons, felt, and safety pins and you can turn yourself into grapes! Be sure to bring extra balloons for any inopportune popping.
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Loofah Halloween Costume
This one takes a little more time, but with 20 feet of colored netting and some glue, you can have one of the season’s most creative costumes!

iPhone or iPod Halloween Costume
Use duct tape for a dress, or cardboard for a sandwich board to make yourself into an iPhone or iPod Halloween costume.

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Toddlers and Tiaras Halloween Costume
One of the most popular Halloween costumes is also the easiest to make! Grab a tutu and pacifier and use your own hair and makeup products to turn yourself into a mini-pageant queen!

Beanie Baby Halloween Costume
Any animal costume can become a nostalgic 90s costume! Add a paper red heart to a regular animal costume to become a Beanie Baby!

Pinterest Halloween Costume
This can be slightly modified for any website, but for Pinterest take a light bulletin board and add magazine cutouts of weddings and recipes. Use a ribbon to tie it around your neck and back!
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Clue Halloween Costume
A great group costume that requires little planning – dress up in a certain color to designate a character from the board game, Clue!

For instructions on how to make these costumes and many more, check out StudentAdvisor's College Halloween Pinterest Board.