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StudentAdvisor offers valuable resources to empower students of all ages to succeed in their educational and career journey.  

Whether you’re a high school student thinking about college options, a college student thinking about transferring to another school or an adult learner striving to enhance your skills or pursue a new career path, StudentAdvisor can provide you with relevant insights to help you maximize the value and return on your education.

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StudentAdvisor is part of the Graham Holdings Company (formerly the Washington Post Company) and Kaplan Higher Education Group. Kaplan Higher Education Group is part of Kaplan, Inc., a leader in education innovation serving individuals, schools and businesses. 

We understand that education is an important and often difficult process to navigate, and are dedicated to providing access to genuinely useful information for students of any age, background, or aspiration.

In creating a community of students, parents, alumni, professors, employers and advisors, we constantly seek to open the lines of communication and provide our users with a resource like no other. We’re here to support lifelong learning.

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