Account Settings & Privacy FAQ


Why should I register a StudentAdvisor account?

Registering a free account on StudentAdvisor enables you to participate in our growing community of students, parents, and education experts. After you register your account and log in, you’ll be able to join StudentAdvisor Groups, post reviews, get help and share advice. Every visitor to the Site can review Discussions and Comments, but only those who register will be able to contribute to the community and connect and communicate with others.

Registered users on StudentAdvisor are also the first to know about new scholarship opportunities, digital guides and StudentAdvisor events.


How do I register an account on StudentAdvisor?

There are two ways to register an account on StudentAdvisor:

1.  Register through the “Sign Up” link on the right above the StudentAdvisor main menu bar.

2.  Connect to StudentAdvisor with your Facebook account.


Why should I fill out my profile on StudentAdvisor?

Filling out your StudentAdvisor profile allows other members of the community to learn more about you and your interests. This makes it easier to find students, parents, alumni, and education experts on the site to connect with. Also, by filling out your StudentAdvisor profile completely, you’ll be able to earn General Affinity badges.


How do I change my StudentAdvisor profile picture?

 Log into your StudentAdvisor account.

1. Click the Profile tab on the top menu bar. 

2. Click “View Settings” on the left side bar. 

3. To the right of your profile picture click “edit”.


Please refer to our submission guidelines prior to uploading your image.


How do I change the privacy settings on my StudentAdvisor account?

By default, all the information you add to your StudentAdvisor profile is public. If you wish to adjust this, all you have to do is log into your StudentAdvisor account and click on the “Privacy Settings” tab. Here you’ll be able to modify the items on your profile that are visible.



How can I edit things in my profile?

To edit your profile and modify fields such as name, role, colleges you attended, degrees you have earned, interests, and status, etc., click on the Profile tab in the main navigation bar. Then click on the ‘Profile’ tab in the sub-menu.  Choose the ‘Text View’ option.  In this view, click on the edit button next to the section you want to modify and update. After you have made changes, click the ‘Save’ button to complete.


How do I delete my StudentAdvisor account/profile?

StudentAdvisor does not have the ability to completely delete your account from our database. However, you can edit the privacy settings or edit your profile so that your information is not publicly viewable.