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Arkansas Scholarships, Grants and Student Loans

By Charles White

In the state of Arkansas, there are many opportunities to receive help funding a college education. The state website contains information about scholarships and grants. Some of these Arkansas scholarships are based on need, while others are based on grade point average and college entrance exams. Furthermore, there are Arkansas grants and student loans available for nurses, educators, and police officers.

1.  Governor’s Scholars Program

 There are two levels to the Governor’s program. The first is the Distinguished Scholarship and the second is the Governor’s Scholarship. Both are based on academic achievement but the requirements are slightly different. The first scholarship requires a 32 on the ACT and or a combined score of 1410 on the SAT. The grade point average has to 3.5. If all of those criteria are not met a student must be a National Merit Finalist. The Governor’s scholarship is given to the student that scores the highest in each of the 75 counties. However, this alternative is only for the students that are not awarded the Distinguish Scholarship. The awards range from 4,000 dollars to 10,000 dollars for four years.

2.  Academic Challenge Scholarship

Was primarily created for underserved traditional and non-traditional students. Students must have a 2.75 grade point average and complete 27 semester hours the first year. The award is 5,000 a year for a four year college and 2,500 for a two year college. This is just one of many great Arkansas scholarships

3.  The Arkansas Health Education Grant

This is a unique Arkansas grant program because it pays at least 5,000 dollars of the tuition for students to attend out of state schools. The grant is only for students that are entering certain health occupations, such as dentistry and optometry which may not be available in Arkansas.

4.  GO Opportunities Grant

1,000 dollars grants are provided for students in Arkansas. The grant is based on income and may be renewed from year to year, if funding is available.

5.  Law Enforcement Officers' Dependents Scholarship Program

If a student’s parent was killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty, this Arkansas Scholarships program pays for tuition, room and board, and all associated fees.

6.  Military Dependents Scholarship Program

Exclusively for the children of military persons that were killed in action, a prisoner of war, or were permanently disabled. Full tuition, room and board and all associated fees are paid for the entire duration of the student’s college career.

7. Second Effort Scholarship

Students with the top ten scores on the GED examination can receive this scholarship. It can be renewed each year.

8. Ralph G. Norman Scholarship

Any student with a learning disability may apply for this scholarship. It consists of three 2,500 dollar scholarships.

Arkansas grants and student loans are excellent resources at parent’s disposal. Many of these programs pay for full tuition based on certain circumstances. Arkansas has a large amount of funding programs that many other states do not. It is evident that the legislators have made a commitment to education in their state. If you want more information about these programs please visit