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College Match Tool: How Find Your Best Fit Colleges

By Stephanie Miceli | Staff

With thousands of schools out there, finding the ones worth applying to is no easy task. Don’t know where to start your college search? Let StudentAdvisor be your college matchmaker! If you're just beginning to research colleges don't forget to take advantage of StudentAdvisor’s free College Match Tool.

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Our college matchmaker will give you a list of colleges that are worth checking out based on your:

Education Level

Select whether you or your student is a high school, college, graduate, or continuing education student.

Intended Major

Choose from 38 fields, ranging from engineering to visual and media arts. For those who will be enrolling as “undecided,” select “No preference.”

Ideal Campus Setting

Whether you want to wake up to the sounds of city traffic or crowing roosters, the choice is yours. Selection categories are city, rural, suburban, and town.

Annual tuition and fees budget

Get matched with colleges, universities, and trade schools with annual costs from below $3,000 to upwards of $40,000.

***TIP:Use the side bar items on your results page such as test scores, region, and number of students to narrow down your list. This will help you select colleges which you can compare side-by-side using Student Advisor’s College Compare tool.***

How to Compare College Results

Let’s say you’re a college student-to be, looking to study communications and journalism in an urban setting for under $30,000 a year. After viewing your search results, you can select up to five schools to compare side-by-side. Simply select check the boxes of up to five schools from your results page and click the compare button at the top:

college match tool results page

Comparison categories include student population, student-to-faculty ratio, student body make-up, and school location. To delve deeper, you will also have access to a trusted advisor from the college, if available, who will answer your questions about admission to the school, application advice, student life, and choosing a major. College reviews, which will further help guide your decision, are also available for view on most schools.

Saving Your Results

When you’re done, don’t forget to save your review and even share it with friends. Unsure about your results? Revisit our match tool and your previous search results to compare different colleges.

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