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Olympian College Choices | August 2012

Colleges of Olympic Athletes

By Taylor Cotter | For

Before they started racking up medals in London, these Olympic athletes spent some time perfecting their sports – and getting a great education – at these colleges. Do you share an alma mater with an Olympic athlete? Let us know by writing a review!

misty-may-trenor (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

Misty May-Treanor (Beach Volleyball) - Long Beach State

Kerri-Walsh-Jennings (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

Kerri Walsh-Jennings (Beach Volleyball) - Stanford University

  • “It's academic and geographic location...Stanford "locates" in one place some of the world's top legal, business, educational, medical/scientific, socio-political and theo-philosophical minds in the world.” - Darrell A.
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todd-rogers (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

Todd Rogers (Beach Volleyball) - University of California, Santa Barbara

Phil-Dalhausser (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

Phil Dalhausser (Beach Volleyball) - University of Central Florida

Michael-Phelps (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

Michael Phelps, (Swimming) - University of Michigan

Ryan-Lochte (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

Ryan Lochte, (Swimming) - University of Florida

Brendan-Hansen (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

Brendan Hansen (Swimming) - University of Texas at Austin

Natalie-Coughlin (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

Natalie Coughlin (Swimming) - University of California, Berkeley

Allison Schmitt (Swimming) - University of Georgia

Dawn-Harper (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

Dawn Harper (Track and Field) – University of California-Los Angeles

Allyson-Felix (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

Allyson Felix (Track and Field) – University of Southern California

David-Oliver (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

David Oliver (Track and Field) - Howard University

  • “I would definitely hire students from there. I know they are getting the kind of education they need to complete any task the World and their employers may throw at them.” – Kate_O. M.
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Hunter-Kemper (Photo courtesy of Facebook)

Hunter Kemper (Triathalon) - Wake Forest University

Kristin-Armstrong (Photo courtesy of Wikipiedia)

Kristin Armstrong (Cycling) - University of Idaho