Connections & Messages FAQ


What does it mean to “Connect” to another member on StudentAdvisor?


Connecting on StudentAdvisor is a great way to interact 1-on-1 with fellow community members and keep up with their activity on the site. However to do this a user must accept your request to connect first. Once a connection is confirmed, you can send private messages as well as follow their conversations and reviews on the Site. 


How do I find other StudentAdvisor community members to connect to?


Here are three ways to go about finding other members of the StudentAdvisor community to connect to:

1.  Find a Connection Search:  When you log into your StudentAdvisor account you’ll be able to search for other users in the “Find a Connection” search box on the left side bar of your profile.


2.  Group Members:  You can choose to connect to fellow members of a StudentAdvisor Group by going to the Groups page and clicking the “Group Members” tab.


3.  Recommended Connections:  Under the “Connections” tab you’ll find a “Recommended Connections” list. Here StudentAdvisor will make recommendations for other community members you may want to connect with based off your profile information.


How do I connect to other StudentAdvisor community members?


You can request to connect to other StudentAdvisor users by clicking “Connect” next to their name or on their StudentAdvisor or by viewing their full profile and clicking the “Connect” option on the top right.


How do I message one of my StudentAdvisor connections?


When you connect to another member on StudentAdvisor you’ll be able to send them private messages by going to the “Messages” tab on your profile.



How do I remove a StudentAdvisor connection?


To remove connections, log into your StudentAdvisor account and click the “Connections” tab. Under your list of current connections you’ll find the option next to their names to remove them.


How do I know if someone sent me a connection request and how do accept the connection requests?


To see if you have pending connection requests,login to StudentAdvisor and click the “Profile”tab on the main navigation bar. You will see an option for ‘Connections Requests’ in the menu section on the left.If you have a connection request there will be a number (depending on how many requests) in parentheses next to where it says, “Connection Requests.” To accept the requests roll your mouse over where it says “Connection Requests” and then click the “Accept” button.


Can you send messages to people you’re not connected to?


No. You must be connected to a person in order to send them a message.


Is there a way to see all possible Connections?


You can see All Members if you search under ‘Connections’ using a single letter of the first or last name. if you type in one letter of the Connections Search box, you will get results of all Connections that  with that letter and in this way you can go through all the letters seeing all the possible connections .


How do I connect with other members in Groups I have joined?


Click on the “Groups You’ve Joined,”tab and then select a Group by clicking on it’s title. A sub-menu will appear that includes an option to see ‘Group Members’. Clicking on the ‘Group Members’ tab will provide a listing of all current members in the Group. Just select the ‘Connect’ button to the right of a Member’s name and an invitation to connect will be automatically sent out. Check back under ‘View Connections’ options from your Profile page to see if they accepted your invitation.