Contacting StudentAdvisor FAQ


How do I contact  StudentAdvisor with questions about a bug or provide some feedback?
We appreciate bug reports from our community members and do our best to straighten out issues as quickly as possible. And we just love feedback! Please send us an email to with specific details. (if it’s a bug, please including links, operating system and web browser information).

I found something another community member wrote on StudentAdvisor to be off-topic, offensive or inappropriate. What should I do?
StudentAdvisor’s considers it a top priority to maintain the integrity and quality of our community discussions and reviews. Please refer to the submission guidelines on our terms and conditions pages to see if the material is a violation.

If you find the user in question to be violating the submission guidelines send an email to customercare [at]
Please include a link to the page that the offending material appears on and the name of the user who posted it in order for the community team to take action.

I’m interested in writing for the StudentAdvisor blog or contributing an idea for a story. Who should I talk to?
The StudentAdvisor Content Team always welcomes guest contributors and suggestions for articles on the blog. Get in touch with us at

Please join the conversation on social media: