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College Dorm Room Videos: YouTube's Best Clips of Dorm Life

By Taylor Cotter Staff

If you're heading to college this fall, you might want to get an idea of what your future dorm life will be like. Will you be squished in a closet with three roommates? Will you have a large single room and private bathroom? What dorm items are must-have? Luckily, college dorm room videos have become incredibly popular on YouTube. These college dorm room videos profile college freshmen as they take a quick walk around their dorm room, highlighting their favorite college products, dorm decorations, and organization methods. After watching a few college dorm room videos , there's no doubt that you'll have a much better idea of what you'll need for your college dorm room. We picked our favorite college dorm room videos: short, sweet, and helpful for prospective students. Check them out below!

"Dorm Room Tour" by MissAlissa15
Alissa gives a great, short video of her dorm room at the University of Oregon. She gives quick shots of her room and decorations and shows how she made her small room work for her!

"Dorm Room Tour" by organizedhodgepodge
Hannah and Jiwon give a short tour of their freshmen dorm, highlighting their decorating schemes and organizational tactics.

"Dorm Room Tour!" by colormemakeup
Haley gives a full tour of her room and explains how she stays organized. She identifies all her products, where she bought them, and how much they cost.

"Dorm Room Tour!" by lafrugalista
Catherine uses this video to show how she and her roommates decorated and organized their triple room to give each girl enough space.

"Dorm Tour & Meet My Roommate!" by whitingxthetruth
Melissa takes a tour of her room and introduces viewers to her roommate, who discusses their long friendship. Melissa shows how she and her roommate effectively divide the room.

"New Hotel-Like Dorm Rooms " by CBS News Online
Though this isn't a traditional dorm tour, we had to mention these stellar dorm rooms at Purdue University. If you're willing to pay up to $5000 more for your dorm room, you can get cleaning service, private bathrooms, and your own flatscreen television! Check out these high-class rooms. What do you think about freshmen living in luxury rooms?

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