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Dorsey Schools Tuition Assistance for United Auto Workers Members

Since the inception of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, tuition assistance has been available for autoworkers looking to pursue higher education. Most major automotive companies (General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, etc.) host programs, such as the one with Dorsey Schools in Michigan, that enhance the opportunity for advancement for active and laid off UAW-represented employees.

In a time where the automotive industry is beginning to bounce back, it’s crucial for autoworkers to develop extra skills and make themselves valuable to their companies. Take advantage of these scholarships that your company offers and use this opportunity to further yourself in your career.

Dorsey Schools Tuition Assistance Program for UAW Members

Our featured UAW-Tuition Assistance school is Dorsey Schools of Michigan. For current and former UAW members, Dorsey offers a variety of programs and skills in convenient locations all over Michigan. If you are an autoworker who is interested in developing additional career skills, you can pursue a myriad of careers at Dorsey.

At one of Dorsey’s eight campuses (Farmington Hills, Madison Heights, Roseville, Saginaw, Southgate, Taylor, Waterford-Pontiac, Wayne-Westland), you can get a degree in some of the fastest-growing fields. These include medical training, culinary training, beauty, HVAC systems, dental assistant, legal training, and computer training. If you’re looking for a potential career change, Dorsey schools are a great place to start. Dorsey also offers a variety of other financial assistance programs, like the Michigan Merit Award/Michigan Promise Scholarship, Tuition Financing, Advance Cash Payment Plans, and personal scholarships.

Different Tuition Programs for Each Auto Company

  • $5,000 per calendar year for courses at regionally accredited colleges or universities of which $200 may be used to purchase books
  • $2,200 per calendar year for job related courses
  • $1,450 per calendar year for skill enhancement courses, excluding sports, games, and hobbies

To learn more about qualifying for UAW tuition assistance and scholarship programs, inquire with your company’s human resources department.

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