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Gangnam Style: 6 Best College Parodies

By Taylor Cotter |

It didn't take long for colleges to hop on to the Psy's Gangnam Style viral video trend. After creating the best Flashmobs and Call Me Maybe covers, we knew we could count on these awesome colleges to take advantage of the trend and make the best Gagnam Style college parody videos.
These videos show college spirit and embody the Gangnam Style motto: dress classy, dance cheesy.

The U. S. Naval Academy showed their Navy spirit and fun side with this amazingly produced Gangnam Style dance video
and their always-classy students. Go Navy!

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University of Oregon Ducks exemplified their famous school pride by making a video showcasing their school, athletics and
incredibly trendy Psy-impersonating Duck. No wonder they are #11 on our Top 100 Social Media Colleges!

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St. Olaf College may just be a small college in Minnesota, but their spirit, swag and style is humongous.
Their Gangnam Style flashmob is top-notch!

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Harvard University tops our list of Top 100 Social Media Colleges, but they are also in the running when it comes to
craziest Gangnam Style video. The Hasty Pudding does a great job of making the most original Gangnam Style parody.

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Our #12 social media college, University of Texas, had their legendary tailgaters take their incomparable UT spirit
and make this Gangnam Style parody; a party-filled morning before a University of Texas game. 

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Cornell University, the #58 social media college, had one of the biggest and wildest college flashmobs that we've seen
when their hip-hop dance crew hosted a Gangnam Style flashmob in the middle of campus. 

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