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Schiller International University
FIND & APPLY | CHOOSING A COLLEGE | February 22, 2012

International Learning at Schiller International University

More and more, companies are valuing international education. In an economy that is becoming increasingly global, many students are looking for opportunities to study abroad. Students have a variety of options to get international experience while they’re in college. One college that offers several opportunities for students interested in perusing international relations is Schiller International University. Read more about the benefits of gaining global experience below!

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The Benefits of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad has infinite value. You make global connections, meet students you wouldn’t normally meet, and get to tour foreign countries. However, there are many unseen benefits to studying abroad that aren’t normally thought of: you develop new communication skills, you expand your worldview, and you open yourself to new employment opportunities. Having abroad experience gives you a leg-up when you return to the United States.

Most students can spend a semester abroad studying at an equivalent institution, spend a semester working abroad, or spend a few weeks taking an accelerated class. However, there are many opportunities for students to complete their entire degree at an accredited university abroad. If you’re interested in pursuing your degree abroad, it would be a great idea to look at an international university.

Is an International Relations Major Right for You?

Have a passion for world cultures? Consider an international relations degree program. Students who study International Relations tend to pursue careers with international organizations, in law, government, business, or journalism. If you’re considering studying international relations outside the US, it would be wise to consider a study abroad program with flexible options and transfer opportunities to make sure your time abroad goes toward earning credit toward your degree.

Schiller International University’s Campuses Around the World

Our featured school, Schiller International University, has several campuses all over the world. Schiller is pioneering international education with “American” campuses in Heidelberg, Germany, Madrid, Spain, and Paris, France, as well as Largo, Florida. Students come from dozens of countries to study at Schiller, where they can complete their degree at one location, or transfer easily from location to location. Schiller offers many international-focused degrees, like International Business, International Economics, International Relations and Diplomacy, General Studies and an MBA in International Business. Schiller gives students opportunities to enhance their education that wouldn’t be available at a traditional university.