Career Planning | Internships | July 2012

Internship Spotlight: Angela at TipTap

by Angela Bray, Suffolk University

Name: Angela | School: Suffolk University | Major and Class Year: Print journalism major, marketing minor, class of 2013

What does your company do? TipTap is a social discovery website using a unique psychology-based approach to match users from around the world to discover and share the things they love. Users take personality, taste and style quizzes in order to find and share content (photos, videos, music and, soon, articles) with like-minded users matching their quiz results. “Tap into your personality and tastes; discover and share with people like you,” as our tagline says.

What's your position there? Social Media & Marketing Intern

Can you tell us about a typical day on the job? Hanging out with fun, young people in a cool office (we have a dart board and toys).

I do work, too. Always jumping between tasks; no two days are exactly the same! First thing is recording changes in Facebook fans and Twitter followers and a daily 10am meeting, at which everyone provides updates with what’s going on. Throughout the day, I’m logged into TipTap, commenting and re-tapping content while searching for something cool to feature as Tap of the Day. A block of time is used to handle Twitter including user interaction, outreach, welcome tweets to new TipTap users, and psychology articles and blogs. Another block of time is used to research bloggers in particular areas (currently fashion) to whom I can reach out and explain how TipTap will be beneficial, with a goal of gaining a new user.

TipTap Toys

If I need to get out for a break, I can walk down the street to the mall and hand out stickers to people in the food court on their lunch breaks. If there is a public event in the area with guaranteed foot-traffic, we can grab our TipTap t-shirts to go spread the word and recruit prospective new users. On Tuesday nights, we co-sponsor The Esplanade Association’s Zumba classes where we give out water, take footage and live-tweet. Something I’m planning to spend some time in in the next week is event coordination - finding places to grace our presence as well as looking into planning our own.

What have you learned so far during your internship? Marketing is a 24/7 thing; you can’t simply go into the office 9 to 5 every day and forget about work when you’re not there, especially in the startup world. You’re a full-time rep, should always have business cards on you and be prepared to talk to anyone and everyone about your company and product. I’ve also learned how to approach complete strangers and spark their interest in something (TipTap, in this case).

TipTap Shirts

What are your career goals and how will this internship help you achieve them? My overall career goal is social media and marketing for something cool, and I’m doing just that at TipTap. This internship is giving me the chance to work in a real office environment to take on tasks like outreach via social media, manage a company blog, work closely with team members, conduct and participate in strategy discussions, represent the company at events - all elements of a marketing career.

What are the three biggest mistakes any intern could make?

  • Not choosing a position you enjoy doing

  • Not being flexible

  • Not taking full advantage of the opportunity - you need
    to treat the internship like the full time job you hope to
    get upon graduation

What advice do you have for someone trying to get an internship position similar to yours?

  • Have a relative amount of experience,
    therefore have a winning resume

  • Be well-rounded in your field

  • Be friendly, yet persistent during the
    application and interview processes

  • Know exactly what you’re capable of doing

  • Be open to new things; step outside your comfort zone

  • Be willing to put everything you have into your position
    without looking back or doubting

  • Enjoy working with others

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