College Life | Dorm Decor | June 2012

Dorm Essentials: Best Dorm Items on Pinterest

By Taylor Cotter | StudentAdvisor Staff

There are plenty of checklists, catalogs and stores to find your dorm essentialswhile shopping this summer. However, more and more high school and college students are turning to Pinterest, the social photo sharing website, to find the best and most creative ways to decorate their dorms and succeed in college. Students can see which items are popular, which are functional, and which will make college life easier and more fun.

After perusing Pinterest, I put together a list of the 15 best dorm essentials found on Pinterest. Pin these to your pinboard, share them with your friends, and click through to find them for purchase online! Still looking for more? Follow the StudentAdvisor Dorm Essentials Pinboard, where I'll pin new creative dorm items all summer; or check out the premiere source for dorm essentials: the StudentAdvisor Ultimate Dorm Living Guide.

1 - Cambelbak Groove
The Camelback Groove is a water bottle with a built-in filter - an absolute must if you're living in a college dorm. Chances are that you won't have an easy or quick way to access filtered water, so the Camelbak Groove filters the water every time you fill it up! It's a safe and easy way to make sure you always have access to clean water.

2 - Hilary Thomas Designs "My Boyfriend's Back" Initial Pillow
The more monogrammed things you can have in college, the better. This armchair pillow is perfect for studying and reading in bed, and the monogrammed initial ensures that your roommate or friends can't steal it for themselves!

3 - Rakku Shoe Wheel
This is the most innovative and space-saving shoe rack I've seen! Store your shoes in a wheel and pull out the pairs wheny ou need them. This shoe wheel keeps your shoes off the floor, and be a great conversation piece

4 - XD Design Solar Window Charger
This convenient solar-powered iPhone or iPod charger means that you never have to be near an outlet to have a full phone battery (well, during the day). If your phone is dying in class or your outlet isn't conveniently located in your dorm room, this is perfect for you!

5 - Novelty Fresh Hamburger USB 2GB
This is one of many cute USB drives on Pinterest! Ensure that you'll keep all your files safe and you're always the topic of conversation with a memorable flash drive!

6 - Eco-Food Storage Containers
These ceramic bowls have airtight lids so you can carry your soup, cerearl, or other snacks to class easily. You can keep your food fresh - and have a nice set of bowls if you ever have guests for ramen noodles or mac and cheese!

7 - Tape Strip Hooks
Tape Strip Hooks give a colorful and creative blast to your walls, and make it look like you've gotten good with duct tape! Sticky hooks don't damage your walls and are very reliable.

8 - Painted Wood Bed Risers
Most of the bed risers I've seen are black or white plastic that look like Tupperware containers! These wooden bed risers can be color coordinated and class up your dorm room - and give you some extra storage!

9 - "The Dorm" Portable Laundry Hamper
Carring your dirty laundry all around your dorm building isn't the easiest task in the world. Make it simpler with this rolling hamper with a handle - none of your laundry will fall out, and it's stylish!

10 - Retro Series Refrigerator
This throwback refrigerator gives your dorm a 1950s feel, and can give a pop of color to your room!

12 - Monogrammed Organizer Caddy
Like I said - monograms are the best way to make sure your items stay yours! If you live on a girl's floor, I can guarantee there will be a load of pink shower caddies in your shared bathroom. Make sure that yours is labeled, or monogrammed, like this one!

12 - Keurig Mini Plus Brewing System
This may not be allowed in every dorm, but it is the quickest, safest, and cutest way to make a cup of coffee in your room!

13 - Dyson Bladeless Fan
A favorite from our Ultimate Dorm Living Guide, the Dyson Bladeless Fan is a safe and efficient way to cool down your dorm room during the hot months!

14 - Yogibo Support Pillow
Another selection from the Ultimate Dorm Living Guide, the Yogibo pillow is the perfect desk/pillow combination and provides support for reading, writing and watching TV!

15 - Twin XL Bed Reversible Comforter
Having a reversible comforter is the perfect decorating tool for your new dorm room! Change up your decorating scheme every couple weeks - or days!

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