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Test Prep | SAT | June 2012

Six Apps for SAT Success this Summer

By Taylor Cotter | StudentAdvisor Staff

Studies show that students lose months of reading and math skills over summer vacation – this is no secret. What you might not know is that studies also show that one-third of U.S. high school students now own an iPhone. With high school sophomores and juniors preparing to take the SATs and math and reading retention more important than ever, we suggest that those students put their iPhones to good use and try out these apps to give them a leg-up when they get back to school in September.

If you don’t have an iPhone, many of these apps are available on iPod Touch, iPad and Android.


1. Scramble with Friends (Free)
A favorite of the StudentAdvisor staff, Scramble with Friends is an interactive Boggle-like game that you can play with friends between iPhones. Finding words in a scrambled mess of letters may seem easy when you first start, but the best and highest scoring words may not be as obvious. Scramble with Friends encourages you to find and learn new words – but the important thing is learning what these words mean! If you look up each word you use that you don’t know, you’ll remember it for the SATs and have a better chance of winning your games!


2. Algebra Touch ($1.99)
Worried about remembering your freshman algebra for your fall SATs? Algebra Touch is an interactive app that allows you to calculate equations and polynomials by using touch screen technology. Slide numbers and symbols to multiply, divide and factor equations.


3. Kindle (Free)
One of the most important parts of the writing section of the SAT is the essay. During the essay, you are almost always asked to use examples to base your opinion. Literature is one of the best places to find these examples, so it’s important to read as much as possible! Additionally, becoming a skilled reader will help you immensely during the critical reading portions. Downloading just a few books on the Kindle for iPhone app means that you’ll literally never be without a book. Even if you prefer a full-size Kindle or hardcover book, a backup iPhone version will serve you well if you’re waiting in a long line or sneaking a peek at what happens next.


4. Mad Libs (Free)
‘Choosing the right words’ is a tenet of the SAT writing section. Even by playing Mad Libs and making silly stories, you learn exactly how to construct proper sentences. If you do enough Mad Libs, you’ll be able to quickly tell whether to place an adjective or an adverb in any sentence.


5. Spel It Rite (Free)
The SAT might not exactly be a spelling bee, but being able to identify misspelled words will assist you in identifying mistakes in sentences and keep you on your toes during the writing sections, even if misspelled words don’t count against you. This app also gives you the opportunity to learn new words and see words used in sentences.


6. Kaplan SAT Flashcubes (Free)
If you’re looking for a comprehensive app to help you with all of your SAT needs, try Kaplan SAT Flashcubes. Kaplan uses their test-prep resources to create fun practice tests that you can play anywhere!

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