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Updated: October 23, 2013

By Dean Tsouvalas

Q: What does the Top Social Media Colleges ranking do?'s Top Social Media Colleges ranking compares more than 4,000 federally recognized colleges and universities and post-secondary schools in the United States in terms of their mastery of public social media methods, tools and websites. The top 100 of those schools are shown in the ranking list, which is regularly updated.

Q: How are the rankings computed?

The research team continuously collects information on how active and effective each school is at engaging their audiences on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media hubs like LinkedIn and Google+. The ranking methodology also takes into account the size of each school's population, as well as other metrics, to gauge overall reach and effectiveness. The team then produces a strictly quantitative score for each school based on this information.

Q: What is not included in the ranking?

Only those social media sites and tools that are available to the public are involved in the scoring methodology. Internal college tools or sites that are unavailable to prospective students or the public are not part of the scoring. In addition, we removed schools that we could not verify enrollment or were under 1,000 in enrollment.

Q: Where is my school? We should be in the top 25 easy!

Although we only publish the Top 100 schools, we are updating thousands of schools regularly and it's likely we know where your college ranks on the list beyond 100, as long as it meets the above criteria. Feel free to contact us at info ‹ at › to inquire.

Q: How often is this updated?

Data is collected on an ongoing basis and the list is published annually. The lastest list was published in October 2013.

Q: What are the numbers next to the arrows?

Numbers next to the arrows indicate how many ranking spots a school has moved up or down from the previous year's list. While thousands of schools are numerically ranked, StudentAdvisor only publishes the Top 100.

Q: What does "new entry" mean?

When a school is marked as a new entry it means it's the first time the school has ranked on the overall list after meeting the eligibility criteria.

Q: What does "re-entry" mean?

When a school is marked as a re-entry it means it has returned to the Top 100 list, after falling off a previous version. 

Q: Who writes the comments?

Only after the quantitative list is produced, the Student Advisor team then further delves into each colleges' social media presence to add the qualitative comments that appear as part of in the list.

Q: My college has multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. Is that a factor in our score?

Yes, the Top Social Media College ranking takes into account multiple social media accounts per school, if publicly available.

Q: Does a Facebook page that mentions a college but is not an official college-run page affect the score?

No. The research team has meticulously screened out non-school affiliated pages.

Q: How can smaller colleges compete with larger ones for a number of Twitter followers or Facebook fans? Won't that skew the scores?

The Top Social Media Colleges ranking methodology factors in and normalizes the score based on the size of each college's enrollment, and only accounts for schools with an enrollment exceeding 1,000 students. The StudentAdvisor systems have been tracking the social media accounts for a time and are tuned to alert for sudden changes in any metrics that may warrant further analysis for efficacy.

Q: Who owns StudentAdvisor?

We are owned by the Graham Holdings Company, formerly the Washington Post. 

Q: I have a question or suggestion about the Top 100 Social Media Colleges list. How do I contact the team?

E-mail us at info ‹ at ›
or via regular mail at:
2nd Floor, A100
10 Presidential Way
Woburn, MA  01801