What is a Transfer Program?

A transfer program is usually found in a two-year college but can also be found in a four-year college that offers associate's degrees. It allows a transfer student to continue his or her studies in a four-year college or university by maintaining designated criteria set down at acceptance to the two-year program. It is a course of study that follows the most general guidelines in academics in order to be the most applicable to any four-year degree the student should wish to transfer to. It is not necessary to earn an associate's degree to transfer. Once you have earned enough credits (usually 60) to qualify for an associate's degree, you can transfer those credits in towards your bachelor's degree at a four-year college or university. What credits will transfer in towards your bachelor's degree will depend on the institution you are transferring to, and engaging in an already established transfer program makes it more likely that the majority of your credits will transfer in as they are. Many state community colleges have agreements with state universities where all the credits acquired in a transfer program will be accepted in as they are, provided you stay within the same state. It is also possible for this agreement to span states, but you will have to with your particular institutions of choice to be sure. 

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Updated February 2014