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I am planning on majoring in social studies to teach at e high school level but I want to take more Political Science science courses than is required. The question I have is will it matter or look better on a resume to have an additional major in political science rather than having a minor in it. Topic: Other at WKU | Asked by: Andrew S. | Asked on 10/25/2012

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In my experience, another major is usually better than having a minor in an area of study, but it doesn't mean that minors aren't helpful. Your best bet would be to contact potential employers and ask them whether or not a minor helps when reviewing candidates for a position. Since you're thinking of teaching at the high school level, you could even start with your own high school (hopefully they're more than willing to help out!) Getting a double major is tough though, and will require very careful scheduling of your classes so as not to extend your stay past 4 years. Make sure you get your academic or course advisor involved in the conversation as well.

Answered by: Justin M. | over 3 years ago
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