Any advice on how old is too old to live in a dorm?? HELP

Hi, I'm 34 and going to go back to school to finish getting my degree as a Registered Nurse but I would have to commute almost 2 & a half hr.'s one way since my local community college has a HUGE waiting list.. I would definitely need to stay somewhere close to the University of Kentucky campus and wanted to know if anyone knew if there was an age limit on living in a dorm or about the approximate cost of living in an appt. with other's (I would not know them though) that I would have to somehow find...Thanks for all of your help and I'm sure this is only one of many question's to come Topic: Roommates at University of Kentucky | Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 01/07/2013

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We went straight to the source, and University of Kentucky sent us to this link:! Hope it helps.

Answered by: Taylor C. | over 3 years ago
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