Can you make friends without joining a sorority?

Topic: Student Life at Miami University-Oxford | Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 08/31/2012

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You can absolutely make friends at Miami University without joining a sorority! The majority of people at Miami are friendly and outgoing and it is easy to form connections through your dorm, classes, studying abroad, the list goes on an on. There are over 400 clubs and organizations offered at Miami, so if you choose not to rush there are still plenty of other ways to find your niche and get involved. Most of the close friends I made I met in my first-year residence hall. Five years later, those girls are still my closest friends. I did decide to rush a sorority (I was the only one in my group of friends to do so). I made wonderful connections through my involvement with it, but still lived with my first-year friends throughout college. The sorority was just another way to meet people and get involved. Let me know if I can help answer anything else!

Answered by: Kelly B. | almost 4 years ago
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