Can you take just your basics at a Community College, then transfer to a University?

The University I'd like to go to doesn't accept Freshmen; you have to be a Sophomore or older. So, I've thought about going to a local community college to do the core curriculum. I have a couple of questions: do I have to pick a major to start on my basics and how long does it take to finish your basics (year-wise). Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 11/13/2012

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Hi! We recently published an article about this: However, the core information is that you should work with the university you want to transfer to and find out their exact requirements. It's likely you can just do your first year at a community college, but you want to make sure that you take all transferable classes and don't waste time or money your first year. Good luck!

Answered by: Taylor C. | over 3 years ago
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