Do my senior year classes look good for an admission officer? 1. AP Literature 2. Humanities 3. Facing History and Ourselves (course about human rights and genocide) 4. AP Govt. & Polotics 5. Art 6. Statistics

My gpa is currently 3.02 but I will be working hard to raise that senior year. I am currently going to a very challenging highschool- one of the best in America. Topic: Academics | Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 07/19/2012

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Sure! Admissions officers look for all different things, but a challenging high school schedule is very important. AP courses and honors courses are huge for admissions officers of the most competitive schools. However, be sure not to compare yourself too closely to others. There are always going to be people who have a more demanding schedule, or a less demanding schedule and you could all get into the same school! Remember that the most important thing on a college application is balance. This infographic should help: Good luck!

Answered by: Taylor C. | about 4 years ago
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