How big is smoking and drinking on campus? I heard the NUPD is strict but is it easy to get away with? Is drinking allowed in dorms if your 21?

Topic: Drug Use at Northeastern University | Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 07/30/2012

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I was an R.A. at Northeastern from 2010-2011. Drinking on campus happens a fair amount, but you're subject to the discipline of your RA. NUPD is rarely involved in on-campus drinking and you usually report to your RA, RD, and the Office of Student Conduct. Smoking or any drugs is dealt with through NUPD, not your RA or RD, though it can sometimes come back through the channel to them. If you're 21 or over, you can have alcohol in the residence halls, but only a certain amount and there are rules about drinking with people who are under 21. There are PLENTY of apartments, restaurants, bars in and around Northeastern so you're much more likely to find a party at any of those places than in a dorm.

Answered by: Taylor C. | almost 4 years ago
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