How do I get accepted to a college with a 60% acceptance rate? I'm in the middle of a gap year. Will joining the Air Force help?

I am currently taking a gap year. I graduated with terrible grades. I was also considering joining the Air Force. Topic: Military at Salve Regina University | Asked by: Justine K. | Asked on 08/26/2011

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Hello Justine, You are asking a great question that raises a number of issues. First, I'd strongly recommend that you separate your decision about joining the Air Force from your desire to be admitted to a specific college. A commitment to the Air Force is significant, and you should only choose to do it if it is something you really want to do. There is no guarantee that you'll be accepted, but you will absolutely be committed to the Air Force for a significant amount of time. It may be the right choice for you, but it is not a good decision if it is only a way to get into a specific college. The best approach for being admitted to your college of choice is to review the admissions website or call the office and ask their advice based on your specific information. If your grades are the biggest concern, ask whether spending a year or two at a community college and improving your grades will improve your application. Does the college have an existing relationship with a specific community college for transfers? Additionally, if there are things you have done or accomplished during your gap year, be sure to include those in your application. Remember, colleges aren't trying to determine whether you are "worthy" of being on their campus. They want to know that you will be successful there, AND they want to know what experiences and vision you will bring to campus to make it a better learning environment and distinguished institution. If getting into a specific school is your goal, stay focused on what that school is looking for. But, be careful about what commitments you make to try to get in; you may end up in a situation where you have a many year commitment and still not be admitted to school.

Answered by: Robin P. | almost 5 years ago
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