How do you wave the application fees for colleges?

Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 06/20/2011

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Here are a couple of ideas to get your application fee waived: - Some schools provide an online application and will waive the fees if applying online. If you don't see it on their website, make an inquiry to their online help for assistance. - Read the school's online application information and see if they detail requirements for those seeking to wave the fee. Some sites will provide instructions right online. - If you don't see anything on the school's website regarding waived fees, just ask the admissions office directly for guidance with this request. They will let you know your options for waiving their fees. - Ask your guidance counselor to assist. In many cases, your guidance counselor or academic advisor may need to write a letter to the intended school formally requesting the school to waive the fee. But they should know exactly what steps to take to assist you to help you out. For example, for low income families, there is an application fee waiver form that needs to be filled out by your counselor. Hope this helps!

Answered by: Mpg A. | about 5 years ago
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