How much does GPA matter in the grand scheme of college admissions?

I have stellar ECs, SAT scores, essays, teacher recs, SAT subjects etc... my gpa is a wimpy 3.6 unweighted :( Topic: Admissions | Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 08/04/2012

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First of all, that GPA is nothing to sneeze at!! Great job!! Most college admissions counselors consider your grades of highest importance when applying to college, but they do look at them as more than just one GPA number. Did you do super well in all your college prep courses, but maybe struggled in an art elective? Don't stress it. Did you clearly work hard to move from a C to an A or B in an AP course? College admissions reps take this into an account! Don't focus so much on your GPA number and spend the first half of your senior year working hard to show that you really care about your grades and getting into your schools. However, you seem to be doing great - I'm not worried! Good luck!

Answered by: Taylor C. | almost 4 years ago
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