I am a parent of a student who will be a senior next year. Although I teach elementary school, I am also a single parent who gets no child support. Therefore, I have very little saved for my daughter's education at this point.

My daughter has a 3.6 GPA, with SATs at a 1500 overall. She is looking to go to an out of state school in South Carolina, but we live in PA. Topic: Financial Aid | Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 04/24/2012

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Fill out the FAFSA! The Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (at is what virtually all US colleges use to determine your financial aid eligibility for grants, loans, work-study, and need-based scholarships at each school. When application season time comes around, make sure your daughter sends a FAFSA score report to each school she's applied to - she DOES NOT have to wait until she's accepted by each school to apply for financial fact it's better to do at as soon as possible since that aid is distributed on a first-come first-serve basis. Also, be sure she reads up on the financial aid process for each school - there may be additional forms she needs to submit to apply for aid beyond just the FAFSA. Your daughter should also be seeking out scholarship opportunities based on her intended major of study, GPA, or student activities. When you're looking for scholarships, think local first...local scholarships = less competition.

Answered by: Sam C. | about 4 years ago
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