I am a student from India and I am going to apply to MIT next year i.e. in 2013. What qualifications I need to possess to get admitted for under-graduate course at the University. And what all I should to make my case stronger for the same.

Topic: Admissions at MIT | Asked by: Akshat T. | Asked on 01/17/2012

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MIT undergraduate admission for international students is fiercely competitive. They only admit about 5% of international applicants every year and they cap their international student admissions at less than 150 per year. To get in you need to have a stellar academic record and standardized test scores, but you can bet that most of your competition will have these. To be a stand out candidate you should be able to show dedication and achievement in your desired field of study: projects, awards, extracurricular activities...anything that can indicate you go above and beyond what's just required of you in your regular coursework can help. For more information on international admissions at MIT (including coursework and tests) visit their international applicant page:

Answered by: Sam C. | over 4 years ago
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