I am wondering if there is any advice or things I can do to help my chances of getting in. -B. L. Crocker

I am turning forteen in several days, and after thorough thought and research have decided that the thing I want to do the most is go to West Point. I understand that ther are several years of active duty and reserve service in the army after graduating. I am soon joining my local Civil Air Patrol and am planning to take an MRT course so I can volunteer on the ambulance. My parents are currently doing research to help find a possible congressman to nominate me. Topic: West Point | Asked by: Birch L. C. | Asked on 02/27/2011

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West Point is one of the most prestigious 4-year colleges in the country. Kathy Eastwood, Staff Writer for West Point, wrote a great article on "How to Get into West Point" : . She says that "West Point looks for applicants that show leadership abilities, above average grades, good SAT and ACT scores and physical ability." She adds that "volunteering in your community or activities in high school is also important as are participation in sports." Eastwood even offers information on recommended course preparation and some insight as to what Cadet life is like. Getting into West Point is a lot of hard work, but that is why it has such a highly regarded reputation. Best of luck achieving your goals!

Answered by: Ashley J. | over 5 years ago
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