I failed mac2311 twice. I was wondering if i transfer over to another school, will i have to pay the 1500 there as well?

once because i had to leave the county during the term for an emergency and the second time i did the class online, which i still think the teacher graded my final incorrectly. Anyway, the point is i failed it twice and have to pay 1500 to retake the class. I moved to a different part of fl and the commute to that school is impossible. Topic: Tuition | Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 08/19/2012

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This depends on if it is a required course for your new major and the rules about transferring courses at your new school. Chances are, your new school will help accommodate you so you can have all your required credits. Call your academic advisor - they will be able to help you best!

Answered by: Taylor C. | almost 4 years ago
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