I need financial aid,i applied for FAFSA 2011-2012.what is the next move?how long the wait?when is enrollment time?I'm interested in online.

need financial assistance for paying tuition,books and etc...Is there an admission fee?ungraduates.....I applied for scholarships too.whatever that is right for me i applied. Topic: Financial Aid at Ashford University | Asked by: Patricia R. | Asked on 05/03/2011

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After filling out the FAFSA application you should receive a Student Aid report - this is sent to you and the schools you applied to. The colleges will use the Student Aid report to determine how much federal aid they can give you as well as see if you're eligible for any need-base scholarships. If you've already received a student aid report your next step is to get in touch with individual financial aid offices at schools to see what their time frame is.

Answered by: Sam C. | about 5 years ago
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