I'm going to be a freshman in college. My schedule is 1 hard day 1 easy day having friday off. Is that an ok schedule for a freshman?

Plus I am very nervous about college in general. Topic: Academics | Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 08/12/2012

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Don't worry! Unlike high school, the days your classes are on don't mean as much in college. Some of your classes that might be "harder" material might just be you sitting in a lecture hall taking notes for 45 minutes, but you need to spend hours at night studying. Some of your "easier" classes might require you to participate in discussions, work on projects, and be very alert during class time. It's hard to know which classes are actually hard or actually easy until you're in them for a few weeks. Use your extra time, and your free Fridays, to employ time management strategies and stay on top of your game. Good luck!

Answered by: Taylor C. | almost 4 years ago
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