Is there a way of obtaining a grant immediately?

Topic: Financial Aid at RIT | Asked by: Tennyson S. | Asked on 01/03/2012

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Make sure to keep an eye out for other required forms as well. I know from working with students in the past that RIT also has an institutional form that can be found on their website (it is for Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors). They may also request things like Verification Worksheets. You have to make sure to turn all of these things in as soon as they are requested: otherwise your potential financial aid may be delayed.

Answered by: Justin M. | over 4 years ago
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Immediately? Not so much. It's a bit of a process to obtain grant money for college and it all starts with filling out the FAFSA ( and sending the score to the school. Your FAFSA report helps RIT determine if you qualify for any grant aid in your financial aid package. It's up to RIT's financial aid department to determine how much grant money you get. If you have immediate need you may be able to work out an emergency student loan.

Answered by: Sam C. | over 4 years ago
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