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My son would like to go to State. He has a 23 on his act and a 3.7. He would like to be in the wildlife management program. He may have to go to Auburn unless he gets out of state tuition waived. Is there a way to do this? Gloria Clayton Topic: Admissions at Mississippi State U. | Asked by: Jeff Roman C. | Asked on 06/11/2012

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Talking to the financial aid officers at Mississippi State is probably the best way to find the answer to your question. If your son is a candidate that State is interested in, they may offer him scholarships or other aid to supplement the tuition. If the program isn't available in your state, they also may be able to give you a discount. In-state and out-of-state policies vary from college to college, so a quick call to the financial aid office will probably answer many of your questions. Best of luck!

Answered by: Taylor C. | about 4 years ago
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