What are the Pros/Cons to taking AP classes in high school?

Topic: Academics | Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 06/01/2012

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Pros: You get a feel for what college courses are like and you learn much more than a regular class. If you college accepts AP Exams as college credits, you can rack up some credits before you even get to school! I graduated a year early because of AP credits. Cons: AP classes are HARD and you will spend a lot of time studying and doing homework. You may have to sacrifice some other things like sports or an honors course. I dropped to a lower level in math so I could focus on the AP courses in the subjects that I wanted to study. I definitely think that the pros outweigh the cons and students should try to take at least one AP course during their time in high school.

Answered by: Taylor C. | about 4 years ago
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