What is it like to study abroad?

I haven't graduated high school yet, but afterwards I'm planning on going to a Community College. They have a study abroad program that allows you to go many places, but I'd like to go to London. What is it like to do that? Topic: Study Abroad | Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 11/13/2012

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Studying abroad is one of the most rewarding life experiences you will ever have. I studied in London my Junior year and I highly recommend it! You get a chance to be immersed in a culture for a significant amount of time without having to find and commit to a job or apartment. Europe is an excellent place to be because travelling between countries is very easy. You will be able to take weekend trips to Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, or anywhere else you have been dying to visit! London is a great city to live in - so much culture in one giant place! There are countless museums, theaters, shops, restaurants, and pubs so try to see as many as possible. It's an easy city to explore by public transportation and you'll be able to navigate the subway in no time. If you are planning on going, I recommend that you start planning your class schedule right when you enter Freshman year. You don't want to get to your Junior/Senior year and realize you cannot take the appropriate classes for your major, go abroad, and still graduate on time. Hopefully that answers your question - and hopefully everything works out and you make it to London!

Answered by: Ellen C. | over 3 years ago
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