Which 4 year schools do students transfer to after completing their 2 years at QCC?

I assume they are Massachusetts state schools...but which ones? Topic: Transferring at Quinsigamond Community College | Asked by: John B. | Asked on 11/21/2011

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Hi John - when it comes to transferring after QCC, the door is really open anywhere. It will of course depend on your grades, transcript, and how many credits you've earned, but you don't have to limit yourself to state schools if you don't want to (or even MA schools for that matter). Start by determining what you want to go to school for and then narrow yoru search from there. You can also use other criteria to narrow your search (how close to home/far from home, big schools vs. small schools, etc). I would check with student affairs or the registrar at QCC, as they may have a list of the most popular colleges that students transfer to.

Answered by: Justin M. | over 4 years ago
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