Which school is better academically between UVM, BC, Yale, and Brown U?

I am getting recruited for hockey and have to make a commitment soon. I am unsure of which school to pick. I would probably go into majoring in business. Any suggestions? Topic: Academics | Asked by: Anonymous | Asked on 11/26/2012

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All of these schools are quite different. UVM is a state college with 13,000 undergrads and a variety of different majors. BC is a Jesuit university with a lot of its social life rooted in athletics. Yale is an academically-focused Ivy League and is arguably considered the best college in the country. Brown is also an Ivy League, but it's academics are much more liberal arts-focused ("concentrations" rather than "majors"). However, all of these colleges are incredibly strong academically - seems like you're in a good position! Good luck!

Answered by: Taylor C. | over 3 years ago
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