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The Good:

Boston College provided me an extremely well balanced education. With a strong 'core curriculum' of courses required of every student, you will be exposed to all different subject areas. This was helpful in coming to zone in on what it was that I wanted to major in, and even led me to a minor in Philosophy, something I never would have considered. The strong Jesuit ideals of BC of 'men and women for others' is one of the most important aspects I will take along with me- using my strengths and abilities to do good for my community. In addition to strong academics, BC offers countless extracurricular activities and has one of the most involved student bodies I have seen. This ranges from volunteer activities to sports to business clubs and cultural groups. BC's close proximity to Boston while having its own suburban campus is an ideal balance between the opportunities and excitement of city life and the safety and comfort of a separate campus.

The Bad:

Although it is not a major deterrent, there is a lot of construction going on around campus. There are a number of academic and residential buildings in need of updates, and new buildings being built to accommodate a growing student body. The construction will definitely help since there are a number of outdated and outgrown facilities.

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