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The Good:

The best thing about BU is Boston itself. Boston is the ultimate college town so you really never run out of anything to do here. Lots of stores have discounts for college students, as well as museums, concert venues, and restaurants, so in that sense, Boston University is a great choice because you really will never be bored. Another great thing about BU is the student life. At a school of 18,000 undergrads, there is bound to be a club or organization that you would be interested in joining. The people who go to BU are also a unique type of student, they are very outgoing, adventurous, and spirited. It is very fun to be a student at BU because of the student life that BU has to offer.

The Bad:

As I mentioned, a college of 18,000 undergrads does have its benefits but it also does have some major downfalls. It might be hard for some people to find their niche here at BU because all the options could be overwhelming. Also academics here are a little ridiculous. While BU may not be seen as a SUPER hard school to get into, once you're here, it is often hard for students to keep their grades up because professors here make it VERY hard to earn an A.

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Biggest influence when choosing this school Diversity

The financial aid process is still ongoing and I am currently dealing with it.

Professors are generally Accessible

The night life is Epic

Every student at this school needs Walking shoes. It is a very large campus and you will be walking EVERYWHERE.

Most students spend their Saturday nights Out. Either at a party, a bar, a concert, a restaurant. People here like to have fun and that is part of what I love about it!

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Went to Saratoga High School in Saratoga, CA

Currently a Freshman

Another awesome thing is Career opportunities. BU really emphasizes undergrads being able to get real life experience in the fields that they are going to be working in. Most professors also have other jobs in the fields that they are teaching (other than being a professor) which makes it really easy to network, get internships, and eventually jobs when the day comes.

Study Hard? Pray? Donate Money? Definitely keep your grades up, but make sure that is not your sole focus. BU loves the typical "well rounded" student, so make sure you focus on extracurriculars as well and find something you truly love to stick with through high school.

I wish I knew How hard it would be to be to go to college so far away from home.

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