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Rating: StarStarStarStar_grayStar_gray By: Morgan C., Student Posted: April 25, 2011

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The Good:

The city. Downtown historic Charleston is to die for. As an out of state student, this area makes the long commute totally worth it. Amazing houses, beaches, shopping, food, people... a very rare find.

The Bad:

C of C basically doesn't have much of a campus feel. Our only sports team who plays within walking distance is basketball, which can be popular if they're playing a good team. It's hard to get to meet people outside of classes because everyone's pretty spread out throughout the city. Most people go to bars instead of house parties too, which also makes it difficult to meet people because everyone's all over the place.

Would I do it again?

Yes, Charleston is the best city I've ever lived in. Most people pick their schools based on looks as opposed to academics (sorry mom and dad), and this school really takes the cake. It might not be the most tightly knit school, but living in Charleston makes it worth it.

About this school

Biggest influence when choosing this school Location

The financial aid process did not matter as I did not apply for any aid.

Professors are generally Accessible

The night life is Spent in a Bar

Every student at this school needs A fake ID!

Most students spend their Saturday nights Bars or parties

About the reviewer

Went to Bishop Stang High School

Currently a Sophomore

Favorite class is History

Favorite professor is Dr. James Vincent

Another awesome thing is Professors are great and most classroom buildings are really nice and up to date

I wish I knew After freshman year, most people live off campus which is great because you're not in a dorm, but also can be a hassle dealing with realtors and finding a place to live on your own.

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