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The Good:

De Anza community college is known for its large number of transfer students that transfer to prestigious universities such as UC Berkeley and UCLA. Because of this, De Anza College is the best place for students looking to save money by going to a community college for the first two years of school before transferring to a University of California campus or a Cal State University. Since there's a large population of motivated students, the classes are often more enjoyable here because of that.

De Anza is the largest community college in Silicon Valley, so there are many classes to choose from. For the vast majority of majors, you'll be able to take the classes needed in preparation for transfer to a four year university.

The Bad:

Parking can be very difficult even though De Anza College recently built a brand new parking garage. During the first two weeks of school, arrive at the campus extra early so you'll have time to find a parking spot. Whatever you do, don't park at the nearby shopping centers and walk to De Anza because they will tow your car away. The shopping centers have signs that warn students not to park there.

In general, the classes here are not too hard although there are exceptions. However, don't get complacent and think that upper division classes at Cal, UCLA, or San Jose State will be just as easy as De Anza. Community college classes in general are the minor leagues of academia.

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