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The Good:

The academic freedom! It's a liberal arts environment, which means flexible graduation requirements that allow you to explore and graduate with a well-rounded view of the world and problem solving. The atmosphere also encourages you to interact on a daily basis with people of all different backgrounds and majors. I took writing classes with biochem majors and sociology classes with communications majors. I met students from Asia and Africa and Europe. You're constantly exposed to different ideas and different ways of looking at things. You'll never be pigeonholed into a particular major or group like you might at a large state school where you study within a particular school. The majority of the professor's are also eager to help and interact with you outside of class, some even having students to their house for dinner. If you don't graduate with at least one strong relationship with a professor then you did not truly reap the benefits of a DePauw education.

The Bad:

The course request sytem makes it hard to get into the classes you want and the classes you need. You have to learn how to work the system and talk professors into letting you in to their classes.

Greencastle is also not a traditional college town with lots to do, but recent grant money from the state of Indiana is going toward improving the community. The town and DePauw are working closely together to create a stronger relationship, mostly thanks to the leadership of Dr. Casey, who has been president since 2008. But despite it's size and abundance of things to do, students grow to love the local hangouts, like Dairy Castle, Marvin's, and Los Martinez.

In addition, if you want to be specialized in a particular area upon receiving your bachelor's degree, look elsewhere. The DePauw education is about exploration and breadth. Many students who seek the specialization turn to graduate school following graduation.

Lastly, this is a large Greek school. Approximately 75% of students are in the Greek system. Independents can easily have just as much fun (most of my friends were independent, I was Greek, and we all had great experiences), but if you are not willing to at least accept its existence go elsewhere. Too many people spend too much time complaining about it, but DePauw never hides it's Greek heritage.

Would I do it again?

Yes, DePauw is a truly unique environment. It's small yet big enough I was constantly meeting new people my entire four years. Students are active go-getters and goal setters who juggle multiple activities on top of a challenging course load. It's an inspiring and empowering environment that prepares you for life outside of the school's bubble. DePauw teaches you a lot academically but also helps you see the type of person you want to be and encourages you to live both a successful professional and personal life. It's all about the balance, and there is an amazing list of successful alums who can agree.

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The financial aid process went smoothly and I received the financial aid I needed.

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