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The Good:

I really enjoyed the small classrooms and attention from the professors. I learned a lot in my year I spent there. The facilities are pretty nice for the most part. Many of the dorms and classrooms are new.

The Bad:

The social life is terrible. If you want to do anything you need to travel down the road to Uconn. I spent most of my weekends visiting friends up there. I parked my car far off campus because freshman aren't allowed to have cars. So it was annoying having to walk over a mile to get it.

Willimantic is a bad city as too. It has a drug problem and is very run down. Eastern is really the only "nice" area of town. I wouldn't venture off campus much on foot. Someone was mugged at gun point during the year I spent there right in front of their dorm.

Would I do it again?

No, Eastern's social environment made it very difficult to have fun on the weekends. It was a lot like high school where there were a lot of cliques. If you didn't get in with one right away you were ostracized on the weekends when it came to any off campus parties. The weather wasn't great, but that's what you get living in the northeast. I transfer to a school in the south where I paid the same price out of state as I would have in state at Eastern. There was a lot more to do there, and it was a much better experience than Eastern. I lived with 3 other roommates my freshman year at Eastern and all of us transferred. Living with those group of friends was really the only aspect I miss about Eastern. Eastern is a good stepping stone to other universities if that is your ultimate goal, but by no means a great place to spend four years of college.

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