Review of Emerson College

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My review

The Good:

The one and only savior of this entire school is the three months you (might) get to spend in the Netherlands in an ancient Dutch castle. It's homely, it's beautiful, and the Dutch weather, people, and atmosphere are all parts of a truly hard to come by romantic experience.

The Bad:

Bad marks for discipline in interdisciplinary classes and overall lack of cohesiveness/flow to the entire campus/faculty/student body. It is as if all of your body parts were separated from each other yet put together in a tiny cramped area in the wrong order.

Would I do it again?

No, This is beginning to sound like a slam. I am not a poet laureate, I am not a novelist. Therefore I DO NOT BELONG at EMERSON COLLEGE....period.

About this school

Biggest influence when choosing this school Program/Major

The financial aid process was an absolute headache, and it took multiple attempts to receive any aid.

Professors are generally Witty/Funny

The night life is Off Campus

Every student at this school needs their own room

Most students spend their Saturday nights going out. restaurants/touring/meetings

About the reviewer

Went to Pomona High School

Favorite class is Movement

Favorite professor is Ken Cheeseman

Favorite activity is rehearsal

Another awesome thing is not much.

Study Hard? Pray? Donate Money? be as poetic as you can. Don't overdo it but if you really want to go-plan on creating your own major and tell them that before you go. They really like that.

I wish I knew how annoying the campus is. cramped and Saturday nights you are dodging the night clubs ON THE SAME BLOCK as your school/dorms.

Preparation for the workforce

Time needed to find a job post-graduation 1-6 months

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The Breakdown:



Campus Facilities




Student Life


Surrounding Area


Worth the Money

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