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The Good:

Full Sail University provides the nurturing for our minds. We picked what we wanted to do in life and they teach us every piece of whatever industry we choose to be successful. As well as giving plenty of opportunities to explore our creativity. I attend online school and major in music business. I love it and having my macbook pro is even better because you can do so much on it. The classes teach you how to use most of the programs. It is a fast learning pace, but if you are dedicated and know what you want to do...this is the school for you!

The Bad:

There are a few things involving my ratings that I can't really speak on because I have yet to experience them being an online student. The worst thing about this school with me being an online student is that I want to see the school and experience the famous and all of the buildings and facilities they offer to the students. I know I am more than welcome to go on campus anytime being a student, but I live in Ohio and the drive ad the plane ride is a bit costly on top of tuition. Others may may complain about timing, schedule, costs, pace, being too much. I don't complain, I just accept what I signed up for. I know this is what I want so I adjust my life to put school first with working a full time and part time job. I may miss sleep, food, social events, but I always show up for this. They do their jobs well and I will do mine.

Would I do it again?

Yes, After this degree I plan on coming back to do music production and online again. I want to be flexible with where I live. I learn so much it's ridiculous so I'm proud to give this school my money.

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