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The Good:

The best thing about my campus is its size. We have about 6500 in our student body, all of whom are guaranteed housing (though many upperclassmen find convenient off-campus housing) on this nature-surrounded campus that takes 10 minutes to walk end to end. The student body is big enough to meet new people each day, but small enough to recognize faces anywhere at anytime. Campus safety, at a respectable minimum, is another positive facet of this aspect. Also, a small student body allows an excellent student-teacher ratio. Individual interaction with professors is always an option, as is joining multiple clubs and feeling involved in the social affairs on campus.

The Bad:

The worst thing about Ithaca College is, for some students, the overlying liberal attitude of the school and the town. Conservative newcomers find it as a shock, but will soon see that they are as welcome as anyone else. For other students, like me, the worst thing about campus is that the administration seems to neglect the art studio (a small building shared with an extra weight room) while expanding sports facilities (a fourth athletics-based building is currently under construction).

Would I do it again?

Yes, Especially as an Acting major who is interested in literature, nature and outdoor recreation, practicing my faith freely while learning about other cultures and philosophies, being a student leader, and constant opportunities to perform in plays/musicals/dance, this college is an absolute dream. I've also had the opportunity, without extra fees or extending my study beyond four years, to study abroad for two terms, Autumn in Moscow and Spring in London. In addition to what I've already said, I have to stress the strength of the Acting program. All theatre programs at Ithaca College are strong and getting stronger, but the Acting Program, if you ask me, is where it's at. For theatre students, this part of the review should be most relevant. I auditioned for (and was accepted to) several well-respected Musical Theatre programs in the Northeast US. I chose Acting at IC because music/dance training is still possible and the acting training for Acting majors and MTs is better than most in the nation. If you are serious about training and can get through the 2 years of the cut system, you will be quite prepared for the focus and determination necessary to continue with our demanding profession.

About this school

Biggest influence when choosing this school Program/Major

The financial aid process is still ongoing and I am currently dealing with it.

Professors are generally Inspiring

The night life is Memorable

Every student at this school needs See at least one mainstage show at Dillingham and join the fan club at a Cortaca game

Most students spend their Saturday nights Off-campus house party or on-campus concert/performance.

About the reviewer

Went to Seton Catholic Central High School

Currently a Junior

You might also consider Emerson College, UArts, Syracuse University

Favorite class is Movement for the Stage

Favorite professor is Tim Kidd

Favorite activity is Rock Hard Dance Company

Another awesome thing is Vegan and Vegatarian options in Dining Halls

Study Hard? Pray? Donate Money? Apply for scholarships, find salvation in the arts, and get involved in community service.

I wish I knew How much financial aid would drop once my brothers graduated from their own colleges.

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