Review of Massachusetts Maritime Academy

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My review

The Good:

You actually learn how to go to work when you are done.

The Bad:

You lose a portion of your soul while there. Not like you gave it freely, the place will take it.

Would I do it again?

No, I did it. I'm done. I don't regret it, but I don't even like going there anymore, despite how pretty the place actually is.

About this school

Biggest influence when choosing this school Program/Major

The financial aid process was an absolute headache, and it took multiple attempts to receive any aid.

Professors are generally Intimidating

The night life is Nonexistent

Every student at this school needs A ride home, or at least a friend with a ride to his house.

Most students spend their Saturday nights Away, either working, drinking away their week at some other happy school, or just spending time at home.

About the reviewer

Went to St. Johns Prep

You might also consider USNA, Maine Maritime Academy

Favorite class is Electrical Machines

Favorite professor is Cmdr. McMurray

Favorite activity is Leaving

Another awesome thing is You will now everyone, too well

Study Hard? Pray? Donate Money? Apply. I don't think they reject anyone.

I wish I knew It isn't as serious as it appears. Cadets do Lie, Cheat and Steal, and tolerate those that do so.

Preparation for the workforce

Time needed to find a job post-graduation 1-6 months

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